Music Games

Game On!

In the spirit of making the process of learning music fun, here are some great games that can help young students learn basic musical concepts!


Musical Notation


Compose Your Very Own Music!


Drag and drop notes onto a scale to compose your own short song!


Ear Training


Note Pair


Tile-matching game where you match tiles with their common tone partner.


Musical Blocks


Create a 3, 5 or 8 note melody using a grid of blocks, then identify your melody from a series of audio clips.


Storm Chasers


Steer the plane through the storm by correctly identifying whether the given melody is ascending or descending in pitch.




Rocking Rhythm


Listen to the drummer boy play a beat, then copy the rhythm correctly using the space bar.


Drum Machine


Create your own beat with this simple drum machine. Great for practicing a riff!