George Campbell – Worthington, Ohio

“My two sons (1st and 3rd grade) and I are studying guitar with Matt Steidle of Stylie Studio here in Worthington. Matt’s teaching experience shows in his custom approach towards each student. He captures the young student’s interest early with quick results that gives them a sense of accomplishment by playing songs they enjoy, and offers excellent technique training for the older student that you can’t get from method books alone. Our family is enjoying working with Matt and would recommend to any aspiring or experienced guitar player!”


Ben Rohletter – Hilliard, OH

“Over the years Matt and I covered many different things other than guitar, such as music theory, music software and the application of each. Matt helped me better understand theory, although at times I admit it was hard to follow, haha. But I was able to take that knowledge and apply it to the guitar which gave me a better understanding of the instrument. In the beginning, I would bring in songs that I thought were cool on the guitar, and he would pretty much learn them on the spot and then teach them to me, which really helped
with finger strength and just learning how songs are constructed in general. As for music software, Matt pretty much sparked my interest from the beginning with Propellerhead’s Reason. Then later on different applications like Sonar, and Ableton Live further down the road.
I was able to take that knowledge and apply it to my own productions in various different ways.”


Nevin Sastry – Dublin, OH

“I learned from Matt for about 5 years. I started only knowing some basic piano and maybe 3 chords. He started by teaching me the songs I wanted to learn which helped get me more interested in guitar from the get-go. As I learned more from him he taught me theory, jazz, and classical. I’m proud to say that my ear is better than most other guitarists I’ve met and I’ve been able to apply all that I know to my playing in a very realistic way. I could not have asked for a better teacher; most teachers teach songs, chords, or scales, but Matt taught me how to teach myself, and that is invaluable.”


Chuck Wills – Hilliard, OH

“Since I first heard the Beatles on the radio I wanted to play the guitar but never seemed to have the time to take lessons until I retired at the age of 56. I feel very fortunate to have found Matt Steidle for my guitar instructor as he helped me get over my nervousness and made me feel “right at home” taking lessons.
In the six years since I started I have learned not only music of the Beatles, Rush, Led Zepplin and many more classic rock songs but also have learned many jazz and classical songs as well. Matt has helped me learn how to play finger style and lead guitar too. In addition because of his great knowledge of music technology, computers and music theory he has helped me with my computer skills and recording techniques.

I feel that I was very lucky to have found someone so versatile as Matt. He has helped me accomplish my goal of playing the guitar.”


Jamie Rice – Hilliard, OH

“Matt accelerated my daughter Camryn’s learning by allowing Camryn to learn the type of music she was interested in and then broaden her artistic talent by challenging her to learn the artist side of such groups as The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. In 1 1/2 years my daughter has learned to finger pick and play beyond the talents of many of her peers who have played many more years. Most importantly, Matt makes learning fun for the student.”


Saidul Islam – Hilliard, OH

“Matt took the time to understand my choice of music and style. He is helping me to grow in every aspect of the guitar playing. With his help, I am able to play 4 songs of John Mayer with rhythm and solo.”


Dan Bridgeo, Ph.D. – Dublin, Ohio

“Matt has been the music instructor for my son Benjamin for several years now. He has done primarily acoustic and electric guitar instruction, but he has also recently added a monthly keyboard session as well. My son enjoys the lessons very much and looks forward to class. Matt has great energy, a love of music instruction, patience and a nice sense of humor, which all serves to make the sessions very positive and productive. We started our lessons in Hilliard and followed Matt when he moved to the current Worthington studio. I suggested this endorsement to Matt for his good work and it was not solicited of me.”