Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes has been a contributor to the Columbus music scene for over 20 years, both as a singer and as a guitar player. He cut his teeth playing as a solo singer-songwriter, playing open mics at the beginning of his career, all while going to The Ohio State University as a Theater/Vocal Performance Major.

He quickly pounced onto the Columbus music scene with local funk powerhouse Mescalito, and soon after recorded his first album where he wrote or co-wrote half of the album with pianist, Tony Bonardi. He then started working every night with a writing team of saxophonist Kevin O’Neil, guitarist Rob Smeets, and the aforementioned Bonardi for what later became his newest and latest project, New Pollution. New Pollution has been a solid funk/soul machine in Columbus for over 10 years and is still rocking bars across America. He has been dubbed, “A dance party with legs” by WCBE’s Gayle Burkholder. Now, as an instructor at Stylie Studio, Mark is bringing his love for music to the aspiring musicians in the community, helping them hone their craft and help them acheive their performance goals, whether it be professional or hobby. He looks forward to helping you meet your musical aspirations.