Music Lessons

Music School In Worthington, OH

Music is an amazing way to express yourself and unleash your creativity. Over the years, Stylie Music Studio, has strived to help students have fun developing their inner musician.

Having the skills to play music is built on a foundation of understanding the language of music and we guide you through the process.


  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Electric Guitar Lessons
  • Piano Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Electric bass Lessons
  • Mandolin Lessons
  • Music production Lessons
  • Music Technology Lessons
  • Music theory Lessons
  • Songwriting Lessons
  • Composition Lessons

Music lessons for all ages


Our instructors, Matt, Mark, and Nick, are here to help you grow. To contact us click on the blue message bot.

We opened our Stylie Music Studio | Music School in 2010.

We are located at 808 High St, C, Worthington, OH.

MAKE MUSIC. Stylie Music Studio Worthington, OH